Don’t Relocate, Renovate

InsideOut Renovations in Lincoln, NE has 3 good reasons why renovating trumps relocating.

A home is so much more than the materials it’s made of. Every room holds memories, life lived with family, friends, and a furry companion or two. That’s why moving to a new  home is such a monumental decision, and quite frequently, a major headache. As a Lincoln remodeling contractor, we know home renovations like the back of our hand, and we’re here to show you why renovation beats relocating every day of the week. 

1. Property Security 

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When it comes to owning a home, building equity is essential to turning a profit during a property sale. Simply put, the longer you live in your home, the more equity you acquire. Why? Well, renovating of course. Remodeling your kitchen cabinets or updating a basement adds value to your house. A Lincoln home remodel is an investment which translates into higher property sales when you do decide to sell your home down the road. Money renovating is money back in your pocket. 

2. Customizing Spaces (Especially That Kitchen)!

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Customizing spaces means transforming what it once was ordinary and making it reflect the unique individual you are. Style and taste are not one size fits all and living in a home that doesn’t feel like, “you,” is no way to live. Instead of moving, take the time to ruminate on what you truly want out of a living space. This is especially important in that kitchen of yours. Lincoln kitchen remodeling is a major part of what InsideOut Renovation does and we can safely say that a kitchen is a room our clients spend a lot of time in. It’s also the room in a house that a lot of potential home buyers want to see updated. That could mean that although you’ve moved, you could still find yourself renovating aspects of your new home. 

Want to know even more about kitchen renovations? Check out our blog article on where to spend and where to splurge during your remodel. 

3. Home Renovation Means You Bypass Moving Costs 

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Moving is pricey and tedious. Forget the time it takes to adjust to a new place, just packing and unpacking alone can take weeks. By renovating your home, you save on moving costs and come out the other side with a beautifully refurbished space in the process. According to an article published by U.S. News, the cost of moving a short distance can land in the tens of thousands. From hiring moving companies to buying moving supplies, money spends quickly.

A home holds a lot of nostalgic memories. First steps made by an infant, holiday meals shared around the table, and cooking disasters that turn into hilarious stories, all these moments and more can be found within the walls of a well-loved home. Keep old memories alive and create new ones along the way with a Lincoln, NE home remodel. Trust us, the first time you walk into your kitchen after renovations are complete will have you forgetting that you ever considered moving at all. 

Like you, so many other homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes. When you do remodel, hire home improvement experts you can trust. Contact InsideOut Renovations Inc. and to get started on your remodeling project today!