5 DIY Home Remodel Ideas From a Contractor in Lincoln, NE! 

Want to know how a contractor in Lincoln, NE adds value to any room? Here are 5 DIY projects that any homeowner can master.  

1. Spruce up the Entryway 


For most guests that visit your home, the entryway is the first introduction to your design and decorating style. The more inviting you make the entryway, the more welcoming your home feels on the whole. Often overlooked, entryways can be transformed with a few simple DIY projects, the most popular one being a specific area to hang coats and drop shoes. By creating a pseudo mudroom, your entryway becomes purposeful and organized. Decorating Den Interiors suggests adding seating for even more functionality, “if your space allows it, a bench for your guest to sit and remove their shoes makes (for) an inviting touch.” 

In addition to seating, a long runner or dynamic rug can make the small space feel more comfortable and like it’s own separate room from the rest of the home.

2. Invest in New Lighting

Upgrading lighting fixtures throughout your home is an easy way to add a little more depth and a little less darkness. Floor lamps, sconces, and pendant lights all add visual interest to spaces while remaining useful. The best part is, lighting can be as extensive or minimal as you make it. One table lamp can transform a room and recess lighting can enhance a space already flooded with natural light. Make added lighting work with home features that already exist, this will help minimize any unnecessary bits of lighting that you never find yourself using. 

As a contractor in Lincoln, NE we have experience working with electrical elements and lighting in homes. That is why we are so passionate about renovations that feature bright spaces and well-lit rooms.  If you are like most people in the midwest, you have a basement in need of lighting solutions. Check out some of our bright ideas for keeping a basement remodel well lit here.

3. Renovate the Exterior


How your home looks for the outside is crucial. Curb appeal is real and can often make potential buyers decide for or against certain properties. While looking to undertake a remodel, updating the exterior parts of your home is a great way to increase its value, not to mention a way to set your property apart from the other homes on the market and on your block. 

Exterior remodeling can be a major overhaul depending on how extensive you’d like the work to be. However, small touches like repainting a front door, installing new porch lights, or switching out the house numbers, can all make a lasting difference. For larger home remodeling projects like door and window rehauls, FortuneBuilders recommends hiring professionals you can trust. “A contractor should be able to provide insights into material costs, labor, a projected timeline, and more. If you have worked in the real estate industry before, use your network to find a trustworthy contractor.” 

Working as a contractor in Lincoln, NE we have seen everything from major kitchen remodels to entire basement renovations, that’s why we understand how little touches can make a big impact. 

4. Update Bathroom Fixtures

When getting creative with remodeling, bathrooms aren’t always the first place people start. Notoriously difficult given all the plumbing, bathrooms can be intimidating. But making small changes throughout can quickly upgrade a whole space and our contractors here in Lincoln know just where you need to start: fixtures. Replacing sink faucets, showerheads, and tub spouts can increase the value of a room and give it the pizazz it needs to feel contemporary and utilitarian. Bright, shiny fixtures will elevate even the smallest bathrooms and prevent you from making unnecessary, costly changes. 

If you’re thinking about a massive renovation to go along with your new fixtures, read through our bathroom do’s and don’ts blog

5. Replace Old Floors 


The floors in your home are used to taking a beating. We spill, stomp, and scratch our poor floors all day long. For this reason, they are an area of your home most in need of a little love. Taking practical steps like professionally cleaning carpets and refinishing wood floors every few years can help prevent permanent damage. However, when it does come time to rip up the existing floors and start new, we recommend researching the type of flooring that best suits your lifestyle. Kris 6 News notes that “if you’re planning to sell, new flooring can make a major difference to a possible buyer’s first impression.” Flooring increases the marketability of your home and breathes new life into spaces. 

DIY projects make homeowners feel connected to the spaces they live their lives in and help add value to every home. For even more renovation tips from home remodeling contractors in Lincoln, NE reach out to us today!