Most homeowners dream of having a bigger bathroom, but don’t have the resources or inclination to add square footage by moving walls or adding onto the house. Fortunately, some simple bathroom remodeling tricks can make an undersized space seem bigger than it is for a more relaxing atmosphere. The guide below offers advice for decorating and renovating your small bathroom.


Use soft pastels.

Dark, bold colors are an interesting design choice, but they also tend to visually bring walls closer together. Soft, cool colors like blues and greens tend to recede into the background, giving the bathroom a feeling of space and tranquility.

bathroom remodelingSwitch to a pedestal sink.

Vanity cabinets take up a lot more visual real estate than pedestal sinks or fixtures attached directly to the wall. Switching your sink will create more unobstructed sightlines, making the entire room seem larger.


Clutter up the space.

Too many bottles, toiletries, and wall hangings can make even an expansive bathroom feel cramped and crowded. Instead, keep everything but the essentials tucked away out of sight and stick to just one art piece on the walls. Because space is usually at a premium, hire a bathroom remodeling contractor to install recessed shelving.

Use frosted shower doors.

A frosted door can make the area both inside and outside the shower feel more claustrophobic. Installing a clear glass door or a walk-in shower with a curtain is a fairly simple bathroom remodeling project that can open up and modernize the space.

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Article provided by Vivial.