Kitchen need a little TLC? InsideOut Renovations in Lincoln, NE is here to help.

Concerned about quality cabinets? Hankering for gorgeous subway tiles on your backsplash? The trick to a smooth kitchen remodel is knowing when to eliminate cost and when to splurge. Here are 5 elements of your kitchen that are worth the investment.

1. Backsplash

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If you’re anything like me, you dream about perfectly aligned subway tile being installed in your swanky, remodeled kitchen. Yes, tile can be expensive but, when you purchase quality tile, you’re extending the life of your kitchen. As an added bonus, the cost for installing tile is often the same, no matter if you purchase expensive tile or the cheapest available on the market. Best of all, a bit of backsplash has a way of tying together every aspect of your kitchen remodel, from the floors to the cabinets.

2. Lighting

Ever try to dice an onion or mince a mushroom in the dark? Trust us, it’s not a pretty sight. Install bright, warm light during your kitchen renovation and minimize any accidents during meal prep. From pendant lights to chandeliers, kitchen lights offer a lovely design touch to every remodel. Another sneaky way to add more light to your kitchen is to install recessed lighting underneath your cabinets. Recessed lights are especially fantastic during those sleepy morning coffee breaks to the kitchen.

3. Hardware

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Get a grip on brand new hardware and open up a whole new world of design. An intricate, funky handle can spruce up neutral cabinets in a flash. The best part about pulls and knobs? They’re easy to install and remove. Change the handles based on the season or simply your mood. Whether you’re doing a small kitchen remodel or tearing down entire walls, hardware is a kitchen remodel cost you can handle.

4. Countertops

Large amounts of surface space can be the difference between a fun evening of cooking and a big, greasy mess. Splurging on countertops feels like a massive save. High-quality countertops don’t stain as easily and will hold up against the occasional bump and bruise from a heavy stock pot. Plus, marble countertops can be wiped clean with ease and add a bit of shine to any kitchen remodel. 

Kitchen remodels require a lot of thought and careful planning. Not only should you choose a reliable provider to renovate your space, you should also keep in mind all the budget tips and tricks that go into creating the perfect culinary space for you and your hungry family.

5. Windows

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You love looking out at your backyard garden while drying dishes. But cold drafts and poor insulation can put a damper on your afternoon chores. It’s no surprise that installing quality windows during a kitchen renovation will keep the temperature of your space balanced and prevent you from having to open up every door while the broiler is running. Windows are another investment that pays off big time. Quality windows raise the value of your home and prevent you from having to install new ones more often. Searching for a mini-break from a long baking session? Don’t hesitate to bask in the warmth of natural light.