A kitchen or bathroom remodel should be about more than just updating the aesthetics—but creating a more functional space for you and your family. One of the most necessary elements to consider is storage. While many people opt for stock cabinets and drawers, custom cabinetry offers a lot of use for your money. The following guide explains how it is different.

What Makes Custom Cabinetry Special?

There are three basic varieties of cabinets, including stock, semi-custom, and custom. Stock cabinets are the least expensive and are typically designed to be hung in standard kitchen floorplans, such as an L-shaped or straight, galley-style kitchen. They are pre-painted or stained.

Semi-stock cabinets are similar, but they come in a wider range of styles and colors. Some versions may be customized based on your paint or stain preferences, and some profiles may be adjusted.

Alternatively, everything about custom cabinetry is based on your personal design selections. Cabinets can be made to fit within a very specific space or to meet a particular need. Customers have their choice of molding profiles, trim details, and door style. They are also typically made of higher-end materials.

What Benefits Does Custom Cabinetry Offer?

cabinetryIn addition to fitting your space better and creating a polished look, homeowners can create storage that suits their lifestyle. Add pull-out appliance and pot shelves, undercabinet lighting, and even built-in drawer organizers to keep silverware sorted. Always had an awkward time knowing where to keep baking trays? Talk to your contractor about making a drawer for that. Cabinets can also be made taller or shorter or placed higher or lower depending on your height and mobility.


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