Kitchen Remodels for the Modern Homeowner

Looking forward to a kitchen remodel? Here are 5 trends for the modern homeowner according to a Lincoln contractor.

1. Custom Kitchen Islands 


Is your kitchen island not cutting it? Many fellow homeowners feel the same. An island is a primary feature in the kitchen, therefore it should make a statement, not take away from the overall design and atmosphere of the room. 

Lincoln, NE contractor, Jeremy Larson, says it’s important to customize your kitchen island with hearty, durable materials, and lots of storage. Mixing materials can create contrast and adding room for seating makes for a cozy breakfast space. When you take the time to update your island during a kitchen remodel, you not only add value to your home but a sense of individuality. In an article by Clever, they call the kitchen island “the MVP of the home” and we agree. 

2. Marble Countertops 

Here at InsideOut Renovations, we’ve never met a piece of marble we don’t like. Marble is a natural stone that’s both stunning and affordable. In general, marble is cheaper than granite and quartz, making it ideal for budget-conscious kitchen remodels. 

Plus, marble stands the test of time. Resistant to scratching and cracking, marble was even used to build iconic buildings such as the Taj Mahal. Not only that, but your marble countertop will be heat resistant and stay cool while baking or cooking using a hot oven. Granite Gold says it best when they say, “the subtle beauty of marble can add timeless elegance to any space.” 

Eager to see how contractor, Jeremy of Lincoln, NE does a kitchen countertop remodel? Check out one of our finished projects here.

3. Wallpaper 

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No longer an outdated fad, wallpaper is back and better than ever. Once difficult to apply and remove, wallpaper now comes in many forms and sizes. Not only can you find options that can be taken down and reused, but many modern homeowners plan their entire kitchen remodel around a statement wall, complete with colorful paper. Add textured paper in order to give depth to a smaller space or choose bold prints that set the room apart from the rest of your house.

Less messy than painting, wallpaper is fun and acts as a built-in piece of art in a room not generally made for wall hangings. Let your personality shine through with one of 2020’s biggest kitchen design trends. 

4. Open Shelving 

While not a new concept, we are thrilled that open shelving is here to stay. Open shelving makes dishes and small appliances more accessible. While traditional cabinetry can feel heavy, open shelving gives a light, airy feeling to your kitchen. Small spaces especially benefit from this design trend, as they require no closures or doors. 

Best of all, they are inexpensive in comparison with new cabinetry and easy to dust off and wipe down. Good Housekeeping agrees! They say, “the trendy look is serene, modern and seems like a lovely way to display a matching dishware collection.”

5. Pops of Color

Lincoln, NE contractor

In the world of design, color is king. That isn’t to say you have to use crazy colors in every corner of your kitchen remodel. But as a Lincoln contractor that knows a few things about successful remodels, we believe that the right color in the right place can make a massive difference and add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise neutral space. 

Whether you lose yourself sorting through paint samples or find yourself hopping from one wall color to another, your kitchen is the perfect area to try out that cornflower blue or pistachio green you’ve been dreaming about. Need inspiration straight from the source? Dive into a kitchen remodel that features hints of luxurious red.

Ready to start your kitchen remodel in Lincoln, NE?